Flat Earth

DEBUNKED: 7 Ways to Prove the Earth Is Round BY livescience.com

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Go to the harbor

“When a ship sails off toward the horizon, it doesn’t just get smaller and smaller until it’s not visible anymore. Instead, the hull seems to sink below the horizon first, then the mast. When ships return from sea, the sequence is reversed: First the mast, then the hull, seem to rise over the horizon.”

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Get a weather balloon

“In January 2017, University of Leicester students strapped some cameras to a weather balloon and sent it skyward. The balloon rose 77,429 feet (23.6 kilometers) above the surface, well above the level needed to view the planet’s curves. The instrument aboard the balloon sent back stunning footage that shows the curve of the horizon.”

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Watch an eclipse

“Aristotle also bolstered his belief in a round Earth with the observation that during lunar eclipses, the Earth’s shadow on the face of the sun is curved. Since this curved shape exists during all lunar eclipses, despite the fact that Earth is rotating, Aristotle correctly intuited from this curved shadow that the Earth is curvy all around — in other words, a sphere.”

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