Law of Attraction

3 Things You MUST Give up to be in 5D

We’re at their density planet, but we are new moon. Now moving into a fourth density planet, a fourth density planet is more of the connection of the a, the level of consciousness of understanding and love. It’s where we’re more so inside of our heart center. It’s where reality starts to become much more flexible. Reality starts to become much more dreamlike. We start to realize things are more about vibration. That’s what’s happening and you notice that time is Vaughn Golan by so super fast and have you noticed that things that you want to create in your life? I’ve been happening quicker than ever, whether good or bad. That’s because right now the vibration on the planet is speeding up and as this vibration on the planet speeds up, there’s more and more opportunity for us to create what we want. You may notice there is so much information that is coming through the media right now. Even like someone like Joe Rogan for example, he’s had people talking about like whistle blowers that talking about like e t technology and information about that. We’re understand as well. Most of us, we all are multidimensional beings. When we come to this reality, what we do is it’s called the law of confusion. If you look through that book, the law of one, the law of confusion, the law of confusion is when we incarnate, we forget who we are because it would kind of defeat the purpose. You are a part, a part of source energy. If you knew the whole entire time you were a part of source energy and you knew what it was like in the higher reality, you may not want to be here so much. So we have this law of confusion where we forget who we are. Now, what’s happened over the millennia a long time is many…..

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