Law of Attraction


SUMMERY: 2020/2021 the latest technique to manifest is to your dream life…. feel good. AND FEELING GOOD is your missing link why you can’t manifest everyday.

1. You can bypass having to achieve things in order to feel go od because you will have chosen to feel good regardless of circumstance. Instead of passively reacting to life as it unfolds and feeling like a helpless victim (as most people do, by the way, because they don’t want the responsibility of their life), you can own your power and choose happiness for yourself. This puts you back in control. 

2. The Universe will give you more things to feel good about as a consequence of the Law of Attraction because you will already be feeling good, which will make you a vibrational match to those outside things that you wanted in the first place! It’s a win-win, you see. When you feel good you can (effortlessly) attract all the goodies you originally wanted to make you feel good, but now you don’t need them they are just extra bonuses. Ya feel me? (If you’re not feelin’ me I suggest you read my article Manifestation 101: How to Manifest Anything Your Heart Desires where I explain what I mean by “Law of Attraction”, “manifestation”, and “vibration”.)

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey… such a naive little 22 year old… that’s just not how life works Hun. We feel good after we observe proof of good things happening to us. We can’t just decide to feel good for no reason.”

Oh, but we can. And we should.

We can choose to feel good in any moment. We just have to really want it and commit whole heartedly. The wanting part it easy, everybody wants to feel good. It’s the committing part that can be a little tricky at times (to say the least). 

Anyone can choose to feel good when a good friend calls or they get a new puppy, but how can you choose to feel good when you loose your job or find out you have cancer?

You have to decide to feel good 100% unconditionally. Not just if or when something happens, but regardless of outside circumstances. Feeling good is not a luxury, it’s your right.

If we focus on feeling good we can raise our vibration and attract more good feeling things into our life experience. The Law of Attraction will make sure of that! So instead of trying so hard to get what you want, just focus on feeling good and those things you wanted will be automatically attracted into your life experience anyway!

Stop. Doing. It. Backwards.

Feel good first and then you can attract more good things to you. That’s just how it works. Hence, making feeling good the shortcut to getting everything you ever wanted. [source]

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