Law of Attraction

Manifest Using This Simple Technique: NO AFFRIMATIONS & LOGIC

SUMMERY: Be in the flow, no resisting in present moment, and let the day run thru you, you are the wave in the ocean… you can’t control it…

Step that we can take the first thing that we can do to manifest things into our existence without using logical mind is just a little bit of logic but it’s just to set the intention see if there’s any logic that’s all it is it’s just to set the intention and let the universe know that you’re going to attract this thing and that doesn’t take too much logic or affirmations i know that kind of contradicts what i said in the title but this is all the logic you really need it’s just set the intention just know that you want to manifest that thing know what you want to manifest know what you want to create and set that intention make it super clear what you want that’s all logic you need know what it is that you want to create know the thing that you want to manifest and then what you want to do next is after you set the intention you just how do you set the intention you just write it down what you want in your notes or you just say out loud to yourself i am going to get this thing it could even be like a future thought it doesn’t even have to be in the present tense like most people think just know that you’re gonna get it you could say I’m grateful for having it now but that’s where people trip up and they can feel like it’s not true right they feel like oh look I’m lying to myself so you could even accept that it’s not here now just know that you’re gonna get that thing somehow and the key is not to know how you don’t need to know the process you don’t need to know how it’s going to work out just start off by setting the intention the second step you can take to manifest without using affirmations or logic is to trust the divine the only logic you really need is to know what you want to manifest but after that what i notice in my experience is that once i set the intention the next step that i take is to be in a non-logical state of trust trusting the divine trusting that my manifestation is coming just knowing in my heart that without logically understanding it doesn’t even have to make sense i don’t need to know how but i trust in the divine energies i trust in the universe i trust in myself that is interconnected with the universe because i can’t separate myself from the universe myself is the universe and so when i trust the divine and i let go of my logic but i previously set the intention already I’m starting to be in alignment with what i want to manifest it’s already coming it’s already on the way and i don’t have to be thinking about it to be able to manifest it in fact the more that i think about it the more resistance i create the slower it comes right oh i need to think then control my thoughts times per day this may go against some things you’ve learned but i noticed for me personally thinking too much is controlling thinking too much is a form of control it’s a lack of surrender there’s nothing wrong with thinking but too much and now we’re creating resistance that goes against what we want to manifest this is what works for me personally for me i set the intention i know what i want i have a very clear understanding of what i want and then i let it go it doesn’t mean i’m not taking actions no for example if i wanted to manifest subscribers doesn’t mean i’m not going to post videos every single day absolutely not but i’m not thinking about the goal i’m just in the process of doing what i need to do which leads me to the third step which is take action that is in alignment with the divine energies this is what i call non-logical aligned action okay non-logical aligned action because when you can learn to tap into a state of non-logic and then let the divine universal intelligence flow through you you might not even be understanding why you’re doing certain things or how it’s going to pan out why you’re saying certain things to certain people why you randomly have an intuitive nudge to call that friend or to look up that thing online and then you start to see synchronicities and then you start to get closer to your manifestation and there’s no coincidence to any of this because the moment you set that intention the universal intelligence starts to work through you through your body through the vessel that you are and it’s also interconnected with everybody else now are you controlling people not really you’re setting the intention and letting the divine intelligence rearrange the universe to bring it to your manifestation so you’re not even screwing people’s free will you’re not like oh i need to control this person you’re just letting the divine flow through you and that can be you can perceive that as manipulation but it’s actually the opposite because manipulation is i need to do this to get what i want but really what you’re doing here is you’re not even particularly taking any specific actions although you could if you want but really what you’re doing is you’re trusting in the divine energy to bring you what it is that you want you’re trusting in the divine energy the energy of non-logic to bring to bring you what you want and the more that you can take action from that space of feeling aligned in your body it’s a very particular frequency it’s a very focused frequency a very high frequency a high vibration you’ll notice that all the right things happen to you exactly as they need to in order for the manifestation to come now here’s the thing though it might not make sense to your mind the things that you say the things that you do you might be like well this is showing that my manifestation’s not coming but don’t be so quick to assume that things falling apart in your reality means the manifestation is not coming the moment that you set that intention trust that everything that happens afterwards is actually the divine bringing you closer to the manifestation so if you randomly have an argument with your family after you set an intention or you randomly lose your job like oh my gosh everything’s falling apart manifestation is not no don’t be so quick to assume how do you know that this stuff happening to you this chaos is not the universe reordering your life restructuring your life in order to bring you closer to the intention that you set previously i notice with a lot of people they set an intention they say oh my gosh you know i’ve been doing meditations and like it’s not working and then i say well what’s happening in your life they say oh everything’s falling apart and i was like how do you know it’s not working right now how do you know that it’s not working how do you know that all these things happening it’s like i want to manifest this money and and then and then sometimes people don’t realize that the job opportunity they got yesterday could have brought them closer to the money but they’re so focused on oh i didn’t get the manifestation that they blocked off the reality that the job opportunity they got yesterday was the thing they needed to attract to get the money your mind doesn’t need to know how the manifestation comes you need to be in a state of openness and trust and be open to all possible realities to bring the manifestation to you it can come literally in infinite ways and when you can when we can learn to trust in the non-logical divine you’ll find that actually the manifestation starts to come but you don’t know how it’s happening nothing might be making sense in your reality anymore you might be confused chaos might be happening but it doesn’t need to you could you could be in a state of nothing’s making sense but knowing that the manifestation is coming okay and when you can enter that state of trust where things make no sense but you could still sense non-logically and have this knowing that it’s coming that is when you are going to attract what you want.

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