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This Manifestation Technique Can Change Your Life! (The Two Cup Method)

Two Cups Method Steps.

  1. Take two cups and write on a piece of paper the current situation or status quo and on the second piece of paper describe what you are trying to change. If you want to shift to a Dimension where you get an A on your midterm paper write “Acing my midterm exam” for example on the second piece of paper.
  2. Affix each piece of paper to one cup each. Take the first cup that has the status quo on it and fill it with water.
  3. I like to get in a meditative state before I actually pour the water into the other cup and in my minds eye, I visualize myself in the desired dimension and feel those emotions and basically envision myself achieving the thing and place that I’m trying to jump to. The more real you make this feel for yourself the better.
  4. then take the first cup with the water in it that has the status quo written on it and slowly pour the water into the second cup that is the desired dimension. As i pour the water I feel myself being as fluid as the water moving to that dimension.
  5. Then take the water and drink it fully. I imagine myself feeling very proud of myself for accomplishing this feat and giving myself a spiritual high five.
  6. Then take the pieces of paper and throw them away. Take the glasses and wash them and put them away.
  7. It is essential that you use the set it and forget it tactic- let the universe do its job, so I try my best to move on about my day.

**Note – if you are Trying to do something like get an A on your midterm this doesn’t take the place of studying you still have to do all of those things you would normally do in order to have the universe help you out, but as you will see if you do this right you will absolutely ace that exam even if you feel like you there is no way you will. Knowing in your mind that there is no way you won’t is the key to actually shifting.

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