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Visualization Secrets: How to Feel it before you have it

“Now realize, first off, the importance of visualization. Now visualization gets us as a bridge towards feeling what it would feel like to have and experience what we want in our life. Now think of it like this. The reality that you want to experience exists right now in this moment. In this moment, when you can visualize it, what you begin to do is bridge yourself to that experience.”

“Now the feeling is what anchors that in, that state of being into the reality that you live, that you are. What happens is then that draws different opportunities to you based upon that state of being. Now the first one I have for you to feel into something that you don’t have is to first off realize your definitions about the process. A lot of people believe that when it comes to visualization, it’s something that’s hard to do.”

“Now realize that not everyone’s going to see exactly the thing that’s happening and they’re going to be able to view it as if they’re living in it. Realize that it can work in whatever way works for you. It could be just a simple feeling. It could be that you just see one still snapshot, one image in your head, and that’s the symbol you need. It could be simply that you’re able to just feel into it. Visualization is as easy as we make it to be. But just become aware of your beliefs, because our beliefs are creating our experience. Sometimes we can have a belief that’s holding us back from experiencing everything that we can with it.”

“For me, for example, I used to believe that I just didn’t visualize. I was someone that wasn’t able to really do it. But I became aware that I was almost imposing that on my experience. The moment that I dropped that belief and I just tried to open myself up to being more playful about it was the moment I started to have better results with it. Become aware of your beliefs about visualization. If it’s something you think is hard to do, question that belief and say, “Does this have to be my experience?” Then playfully start to see if it can be any other way.”

“Now the second tip I have for you, and really the value of this whole video, is understanding that you can break down something that you’ve never felt before into an emotion. What does that thing represent to you? Now think of it. If we are saying I want to create a whole bunch of money in my life … Maybe I want my goal is to have $100,000 in the bank or something like that, and you’ve never had $100,000 in the bank.”

“What you would do is you would see what that $100,000 in the bank represents. Now money for me represents freedom, because when I have the money, I have the freedom to do what I want. I have more resources to create more of what I love to do. The way and the emotion that I would break down that feeling of what that $100,000 represents would then anchor me into realizing I want to feel more freedom, I want to feel like I can do what I want to do when I want to do it. You can use this for anything.”

“Say you want to create a relationship in your life but you’re like, “I’ve never had a deep relationship in my life. How am I supposed to know what it feels like?” Realize that what does that relationship represent to you? Most likely it represents maybe a feeling of connection, compassion. When you look at it from that point of view, you can then look through your life and you can connect to different times that you’ve felt that. Maybe you didn’t feel the exact romance for someone else but maybe you felt connected and you can remember when you and your best friend had really good times together and there was a deep connection there. Then maybe you can see when maybe you had a dog or something and you felt real compassionate towards that animal.”

“What you can do is begin to focus on those things. You’re going to evoke a state of being. In that state of being is the emotion that you’re looking to feel. When you start to look at this more of a point of view of emotion, then you can take maybe 10 minutes a day with visualization and focus on that emotion. Now there’s two main ways to feel the emotion. One is through creating it through past experience. You’ll find that if you remember the past experience of feeling …”

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