Dennis Hope – – Biggest Scam

Now days you can buy some acres on the moon, venus, mars, mercury. It’s just funny how people still buy it… this guy IS a genius for finding a loop hole in the “Outer Space Treaty”. Good for him for making BANK on this, but yea, don’t waste your money on this, you only get a certification.

Prices start at – $24.99 – $499.80

“Buying Land on the Moon! What a wonderful Unique Gift. A Gift that they will talk about for years to come.

We are the ONLY legitimate seller of Property on the Moon. Dennis Hope filed the Claim of Ownership in 1980. All other companies are CopyCats with NO claim.

Equally important as your lunar land deed, and unique to your moon acre, is it comes with Mineral Rights. In fact, did you know that the lunar surface is covered in Helium 3? A possible clean burning energy source with no wasteful bi-product. Also, did you know its projected value is 40,000 USD an ounce? Click here to read more.

Buying a plot of lunar land on the Moon has never been easier and what a great conversation piece. If you are looking for a great gift idea this is it.

You can easily look up to your acre on the Moon and say “I own that”. You can give the gift of hope to your loved ones or pass it on for generations to come.

Finally, each single acre of  comes with three documents that are secured in our Lunar Registry (the Lunar Land Deed, the Lunar Land Map and the Lunar Land Codes, Covenants & Restrictions).

Don’t be left out of the Lunar Land Rush, buy a piece of the Moon now and start enjoying Your Moon Estate.

Lunar Embassy, through active and constructive notice has set a Global Precedent with 40 years of the continued business of selling Extraterrestrial Real Estate . Stake your claim now and join over 5 million land owners in extraterrestrial ownership. As you have seen on TV by now I am sure, Lunar Embassy is the only legitimate seller of extraterrestrial real estate.” [source]

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