Welcome to The Reality We Live In!


Welcome ALL, we’ll keep this short and simple. The website was created to share the enlightenment of the true reality we live in. On this website you will find useful content to support the facts of this. Join our flat earth forum to start the BUZZ!
Website is still under heavy development, so stay with us for additional content.

Last thing, we want to keep the website FREE from ADS, so if you can support us on PATREON that way we can invest more time into this project.

Mission Statements

Is to spread the untold truth in this reality. SIMPLE!

Website Development & Future

The website was launched early May of 2018 with hopes that will change someone’s life, for the better of course. Right now we offer topics: flat earth, law of attraction (I AM) & forum. We want to hear from YOU! Ideas? Thoughts? send them over to our forum or e-mail them to us. For next months we will continue building this platform and adding the best content possible.


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